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About SIC-Lazaro US

SIC Lazaro US is a Milwaukee-based manufacturer of large metal fabrications, high-quality counterweights for heavy machinery, mechanical and electrical assembly, metal fabrication and welding, and more.  Our services include high-quality steel cutting, punching, shearing, bending and rolling, paint and finish work, and specialized concrete mixing. 

Our biggest priority is customer satisfaction, which is why we provide full service, as well as numerous value-added services to ensure you can get the most for your money. 

Industries We Serve

SIC Lazaro US services numerous industries, including aerospace, farming, and manufacturing.  We provide precision-cut metals and high-quality welding, while our High-Density Concrete (HDC) counterweights are used in elevators, heavy equipment, and airport ground support equipment. 

SIC-Lazaro US also provides numerous value-added services, including steel cutting, bending and rolling, paint and finish work, mechanical and electrical assembly, specialized concrete mixing and more, ready to fit your needs. 


Metal Fabrication/Weldments

Customer service is our highest priority and we produce a wide variety of fabrications and weldments at our facilities.  We will cut, shape, and fabricate metal pieces to suit your industrial and private needs.  


Our High-Density Concrete (HDC) counterweights are enriched with a metal filler, giving them more weight while taking less space than traditional concrete counterweights, and with a lower cost than fully steel counterweights.

Mechanical and Electrical Assembly

We provide on-site assembly and testing of mechanical and electrical equipment, ensuring our work meets our high-quality standards.  This work includes gantry crane components, pumps and fuel tanks, commercial ovens and wash systems, and more.

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