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We Are SIC-Lazaro US, manufacturer of Large Metal Fabrications and High-Quality Counterweights for heavy machinery and elevators

Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Large metal fabrication services performed by AWS D1.1 Certified welders.
Producing custom High-Density Concrete (HDC), steel and concrete counterweights for nearly 40 years
HDC Counterweights are made using concrete enriched with metal filler – giving you a denser counterweight at a cost that is lower when compared to steel, and smaller in volume compared to traditional concrete counterweights
Capabilities include: Steel Cutting, Punching, Shearing, Bending & Rolling, Metal Fab & Welding, Paint & Finish Work, Mechanical & Electrical Assembly, and Specialized Concrete Mixing.

Industries We Serve

Specializing in large metal fabrication and counterweight manufacturing services, SIC-Lazaro US proudly fabricates High-Density Concrete (HDC), steel and concrete counterweights and weldments for these industries.


SIC-Lazaro US specializes in producing Large Metal Fabrications and manufacturing High-Density Concrete (HDC), steel and concrete counterweights. With a focus on customer service, delivering significant cost savings and equipped to work on larger weldment and custom counterweight projects, SIC-Lazaro US will add quality and value to your heavy machinery and elevators.

SIC-Lazaro US provides a number of value-added services, including steel cutting, bending & rolling, paint & finish work, mechanical & electrical assembly, specialized concrete mixing and more.
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