Airport Ground Support Equipment

Large Metal Fabrications, Steel, Concrete and HDC Counterweights from SIC-Lazaro US

Nearly 2.6 million people fly every day in and out of U.S. airports on more than 43,000 flights. That's more than the entire population of New Mexico up in the air and making that happen is now easy task. It takes a lot of man and machine power - especially Airport Ground Support Equipment (GSE).

This heavy-duty equipment is used to load, move, refuel, de-ice and service aircraft between flights, performing basic tasks like passenger loading and unloading to more complex jobs like tugging or towing the plane, loading containers, delivering food and water, and servicing lavatories.

Who supports the Airport Ground Support Equipment manufacturers? We do! We are SIC-Lazaro US, and we manufacture high-quality concrete, steel and high-density concrete counterweights, heavy-duty frames and weldments for Airport Ground Support Equipment, including:

  • Belt Loaders
  • Passenger boarding steps/stairs
  • Catering vehicles
  • Pushback tugs and tractors
  • De-icing/anti-icing vehicles
  • Aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) equipment
  • Container/Cargo/K loaders
  • Ground power units
  • Refuelers

We are committed to delivering custom counterweights and weldments that are the right fit, for the right price, and delivered to you at the right time. Contact SIC-Lazaro US today and learn how we can add quality and value to your Airport Ground Support Equipment.

SIC-Lazaro US also provides a number of additional services to add value to your machinery, including:

  • Steel Cutting
  • Bending & Rolling
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Welding
  • Paint & Finish Work
  • Specialized Concrete Mixing

The wait for the right weight is over.

See what SIC-Lazaro US can do for your machinery.

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