Counterweights for Heavy Machinery & Elevators

While we produce both custom steel and concrete counterweights, SIC-Lazaro US specializes in High-Density Concrete counterweights. These counterweights are made using concrete enriched with metal filler. The final products is a denser counterweight at a cost that is lower when compared to steel, and smaller in volume than traditional concrete counterweights.

SIC-Lazaro US creates high-quality concrete, steel and High-Density Concrete counterweights for heavy-duty equipment and elevators

SIC-Lazaro US provides a number of additional value-added services, including:

  • Steel cutting
  • Bending & rolling
  • Metal fabrication & welding
  • Paint & finish work
  • Specialized concrete mixing
  • Design & engineering
  • Logistics integration
  • Conventional & customized packaging

SIC-Lazaro US produces high-quality counterweights for:

  • Cranes/Heavy Lifting
  • Aerial Work Platforms
  • Heavy Construction
  • Forestry & Underground Mining Equipment
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Elevators

The wait for the right weight is over.

See what High-Quality Counterweights from SIC-Lazaro US can do for your machinery.

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Metal Fabrication for Heavy Equipment

As a full-service manufacturing facility, SIC-Lazaro US is proud to offer large metal fabrication services. Our team of experienced metal fabricators are experts in a number of welding techniques — true craftsmen able to work with a number of different metals and materials. With a focus on customer service and delivering significant cost savings, and equipped to work on larger projects, SIC-Lazaro US can bend, weld and fabricate just about anything at our Milwaukee, Wisconsin facilities.