Heavy Duty Equipment Counterweights

High-Quality Concrete Counterweights from SIC-Lazaro US

When it comes to heavy lifting equipment, balance and stability are key. The right counterweight will not only increase machine efficiency, it will also decrease energy usage and machinery wear and tear. But manufacturing and shipping weights for your machinery can be expensive. That’s where SIC-Lazaro US comes in.

Concrete Counterweights from SIC-Lazaro US are the best of both worlds. Produced in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, these counterweights provide the effective balance you desire for your machinery, without weighing down your budget.

We manufacture high-quality, cost-effective counterweights in the U.S. for heavy duty machinery manufacturers of “Yellow Goods” -- construction and earth moving equipment, quarrying equipment, fork lift trucks and more. including:

  • Cranes/Heavy Lifting
  • Aerial Work Platforms
  • Heavy Construction
  • Forestry Equipment
  • Underground Mining
  • Material Handling

And since we specialize in on-time delivery of customized weights that are the right fit for the right price, we can deliver the counterweights you need when you need them.

SIC-Lazaro US also provides a number of additional services to add value to your machinery, including:

  • Steel Cutting
  • Bending & Rolling
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Welding
  • Paint & Finish Work
  • Specialized Concrete Mixing

The wait for the right weight is over.

See what High-Quality Concrete Counterweights from SIC-Lazaro US can do for your machinery.

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