American Football Great Jimmy Johnson once said, “the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” At SIC-Lazaro, we wholeheartedly believe in this philosophy, not because Johnson said it but because we live it every day!

While we start by creating high-quality products – from our High-Density Concrete (HDC), steel and concrete counterweights to our large metal fabrication services – we take the products to the next level by offering value added services like steel cutting, bending & rolling, metal fabrication & welding, paint & finish work and specialized concrete mixing.

Why? Because it is those little extras that set us apart from the competition.

Think about it: There are a lot of companies that can create custom heavy-duty machinery counterweights – but isn’t a counterweight that’s sanded, painted, packed and shipped to you, and ready to install better? You bet it is!

Same with large weldments. There are other companies that can fabricate big pieces like truck subframes and engine mounts – but with a team of AWS D1-1 Certified welders and a shop that provides on-site sandblasting, paint & finish work, custom packaging and logistics integration, SIC-Lazaro offers that little extra.

Throw in competitive pricing and on-time delivery, and you can see why more companies are choosing to partner with SIC-Lazaro.

Contact us today and see what SIC-Lazaro can do for your equipment.