Bulldozers, cranes, frontend loaders, mining equipment, fork lift trucks and excavators. These are a few examples of “Yellow Goods,” the generic term used to describe construction and earth moving equipment, quarrying equipment, and more.

They are called Yellow Goods because, quite frankly, many of them are painted yellow.

But why yellow?

There are a number of reasons. First, yellow is an intense color that screams caution and visibility. Since it is imperative that caution be used around construction equipment, it makes sense to employ yellow as the warning color.

But safety isn’t the only reason.

Psychologically speaking, the color yellow generates muscle energy and stimulates mental activity – both things that are needed on any worksite. This might not have been the primary reason to go with yellow, but it doesn’t hurt.

Of course, yellow isn’t the only color used in yellow goods. We’ve seen heavy equipment that’s orange and fluorescent green and other visually stimulating colors. But no matter the color, one thing is for sure – you’re not going to miss seeing them.

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