Introducing High-Density Concrete (HDC) Counterweights from SIC-Lazaro US

The right elevator counterweight not only provides the balance and stability needed for a smooth ride, it must fit perfectly into the design. With the move away from lead weights, and designs dependent on tighter spaces for counterweight placement, counterweight technology is ripe for an evolution.

Traditionally, counterweights are made from solid steel or concrete – both of which are effective. But steel counterweights can be more expensive to purchase because of dependence on material market price, while more inexpensive concrete weights are often bulkier in size.

HDC Counterweights from SIC-Lazaro US are the best of both worlds. These counterweights are made using concrete enriched with metal filler – giving you a denser counterweight at a cost that is lower when compared to steel, and smaller in volume than traditional concrete counterweights.

We manufacture HDC counterweights, as well as traditional steel and concrete counterweights, in the U.S. for elevators of all shapes and sizes providing the right weight with the right fit.

SIC-Lazaro US also provides a number of additional services to add value to your machinery, including:

  • Steel Cutting
  • Bending & Rolling
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Welding
  • Paint & Finish Work
  • Specialized Concrete Mixing

The wait for the right weight is over.

See what High-Quality Concrete Counterweights from SIC-Lazaro US can do for your machinery.

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